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Silk Flower Wholesalers Essex

No doubt that fresh flowers look absolutely gorgeous and their beauty is hard to beat but there are just some occasions where silk flowers are a better alternative. For example, a wedding – Now, a wedding is a huge production, there are hundreds of things to be taken care of and flowers are a huge part of the décor, so just to avoid any mishaps that might occur silk flowers can be a very good alternative to real flowers.

At Estuary Wholesale, we have a beautiful collection of silk flowers that we supply to florists and you can also purchase in bulk to save a bit of money. So, if you are looking for Silk flower wholesalers in Essex, we have got you sorted!

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    let's decide if silk flowers are the right choice for you:

    Common Misunderstanding

    It is a common misunderstanding that using fake flowers will cut into your wedding budget. However, you will need to purchase silk flowers if you want fake flowers that look like real ones. Especially if the flowers in your bouquet are in season, silk flowers typically cost more than real flowers. It is extremely disappointing when brides compromise their true desires in order to cut costs, only to pay more for fake wedding flowers. Furthermore, even with the pricy silk option, fake flowers can be easily identified from a distance. Your guests will immediately notice that you are holding an artificial bouquet if your wedding is small and intimate.

    Fake flowers last a long time

    Fake flowers—whether they are a plant, a stem, a spray, or a shrub—will never wither or droop, and they will continue to look lovely and realistic for many years to come. Because they last so long, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

    Hypoallergenic flowers

    If you suffer from hay fever or any other health condition exacerbated by pollen or fragrances, artificial flowers are ideal. You won’t have to worry about any guests who might also be allergic, and they can still enjoy your plants and flower arrangements.

    Zero maintenance

    One of the main reasons we like artificial flowers is that you don’t have to worry about them being maintained. From watering them every day to potting them, you can just sit back and relax. Although they may occasionally become dusty, artificial flowers can be easily cleaned by wiping them clean with a dry cloth.

    Seasonal flowers available entire year

    If you’re a fan of peonies, you know that they only bloom from late spring to early summer. However, thanks to these artificial blooms, you can still enjoy your favorite blooms year-round. We have plenty of stems, sprays, and foliage for you to use in creating long-lasting flower arrangements, including olive branches and garden roses. You can even change them up every week or month to give your house a new look.

    Re-purpose your wedding flowers in your home

    Faux flowers are a great option for wedding flowers because they look real and will last for a long time, which is something you can really treasure. You can use them to make a special artificial flower arrangement from your bouquet that will take center stage in your hallway’s entrance. This way, whenever you come home, you’ll be reminded of your special day.

    Be creative

    We love that you can mix up your floral arrangements at any time with sprays and artificial flower stems. If you want to replace your roses with peonies, you can absolutely do so, and I’m sure you can find a new use for your artificial roses as well. You could put them on a table setting or hang them around a door frame to make a pretty rose archway.


    If you own a dog or cat, you probably already know that some plants and flowers are extremely toxic to them. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, can be a great alternative. They still have the appearance of being real, but you can rest assured that they won’t harm your furry friends.

    silk flower wholesalers essex

    Now that you know the benefits, make sure you are choosing the right silk flowers

    It all depends on how you intend to use the silk flowers. The majority of flowers, including roses, orchids, magnolias, and hydrangeas, come in a variety of leafy forms, from floral picks and garlands to single stems. The branches of tropical leaf bushes and cherry blossoms make striking and bold statements. Other types of silk flowers, such as flower balls, topiaries, and blocks, are also available.

    Because they are lightweight, convenient, and simple to transport and store, silk flowers are an excellent choice, especially for weddings. By the end of the wedding, real flowers may have turned brown and wilted, costing a lot of money.

    It is a great option to be able to keep your wedding flowers after the event because the cost of them typically accounts for 7-8% of the overall wedding budget. They make lovely mementos for the newlyweds, their guests, and the bridesmaids.

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